IntraUrban – Richmond

January 12, 2017

Nicola Crosby, the real estate division of Nicola Wealth Management Ltd., is pleased to announce the acquisition of IntraUrban – Richmond, an 11.2 acre site located at the western tip of Mitchell Island in Richmond, British Columbia. The proposed development comprises approximately 256,000 sf small-bay strata industrial units.

Special Thanks to:

  • PC Urban (Joint Venture Partner)
  • Brokers – Bruno Fiorvento, Lee Hester and Casey Bell (JLL)
  • Financing – Derek Campbell (Citifund)

For more information, please contact any of the following:

About Nicola Wealth Real Estate

Nicola Wealth Real Estate is the in-house real estate division of Nicola Wealth.  Our team acquires and manages properties for Nicola Wealth’s real estate portfolios.  We are an experienced team with a disciplined approach, dedicated to building high quality real estate portfolios that are diversified both geographically and by asset type.

About SPIRE Real Estate Portfolios

SPIRE Real Estate LP is an investment portfolio comprised of retail, industrial, office, multi-family, seniors and self-storage properties totaling 3.7 million square feet located in major Canadian markets. SPIRE US LP is an investment portfolio comprised of office, retail and industrial properties located in Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, Houston and Chicago. The portfolio also includes interests in over 14,000 multi-family apartment units located in the South and Southeast US. SPIRE Value Add LP is a new addition to the SPIRE and SPIRE US investment portfolios and focuses on generating returns through re-sale of investments in multiple projects using “value-add strategies.”

About PC Urban

PC Urban is a Vancouver-based real estate investment and development company that is inspired by unrealized potential in commercial, industrial and residential properties.  PC Urban thrives on solving the complexities of urban development and creating extraordinary results.  We call this process property re-imagined, and it’s key to bringing every property its true purpose. The principals of PC Urban have acquired indispensable skills and first-hand experience creating and overseeing a multitude of commercial and mixed-use developments throughout BC, Western Canada and Washington State. These projects encompass all forms of real estate; industrial/commercial, retail and residential.