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Touraj Manshadi

Acquisitions Manager, Real Estate


About Touraj

Touraj joined Nicola Wealth in April 2018.

Prior to joining Nicola Wealth, Touraj worked as a financial analyst in the appraisal and brokerage industries, having worked at several leading companies in the commercial real estate industry. In his previous roles, Touraj worked on a variety of valuation assignments relating to commercial, residential and special use properties, including office buildings, retail complexes, multi-family buildings development sites and rental studies.

Touraj has a Bachelor of Commerce with specialization in Finance and Real Estate and has also completed the Post Graduate Certificate in Real Property Valuation from UBC.

Questions & Answers

What would be your last meal? 12 oz. “103” Wagyu ribeye steak

Were you named after anyone? I am named after a mythological character in an old Persian epic poem written in 1010.

If you could play any sport professionally what would it be? Soccer