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Wayman Crosby

Executive Director, Real Estate

“If you have to swallow 5 frogs, take the biggest one first, the rest will go down much easier.”


About Wayman

A graduate of UBC in Urban Land Economics in 1978 Wayman has an extensive real estate career spanning over 35 years. In addition to real estate Wayman has accumulated a broad range of experience in both the profit and non-profit sectors as a principal and strategic coach/consultant. He is currently part of the Management Group of Nicola Wealth, is the Executive Director of the Real Estate division which oversees the Real Estate Limited Partnerships.  He is also a Director of Nicola Wealth’s Private Giving Foundation.

Wayman has been married for over 35 years, has two grown,  married children, enjoys a variety of sports, and passionately works to empower others to live integrated lives realizing their personal and professional objectives.

Questions & Answers

What is one of your favourite cities and why? I’m drawn towards cities where live, work, play and learn are closely integrated. I love living in Vancouver but Barcelona, New York and Paris are favourites to travel to!

What do you wish you had learned earlier? The compounding investment returns provided by cash flowing real estate.

What Charitable Project has your attention right now? I’ve always been interested in providing opportunities to those who have been dealt a poor hand. I like Opportunity International which provides loans, primarily to entrepreneurial women in 3rd world countries.

What are your favourite travel adventures? Combining charitable work with overseas travel is always a favourite. Trips to Africa which included safaris are at the top with cycling adventures in Europe close behind!

Best advice you received early in your career? I used to seek out mentors, buy them lunch and ask them questions about life, business and how they got to where they were now. Don’t ever compromise your integrity. Let your word stand and stand on your word.