Nicola Wealth Real Estate is the in-house real estate division of Nicola Wealth.  Our team acquires and manages properties for Nicola Wealth’s real estate portfolios.  We are an experienced team with a disciplined approach, dedicated to building high quality real estate portfolios that are diversified both geographically and by asset type.

Our experienced team enjoys an enviable track record on acquisitions since inception in 2005 and has built a solid reputation through active asset management.   We can respond promptly and decisively on acquisition opportunities whether they are formally listed or off-market.

Our primary focus is preservation of capital while generating consistent and sustainable income.  While we typically own 100% of the assets in our portfolios, we also have several strategic partners across North America who are both reputable and well established in their areas of expertise.  Nicola Wealth Real Estate’s management team personally invests in the Nicola Real Estate Portfolios alongside investor clients.

Our Team

Our people bring a breadth of industry experience and diverse talents to Nicola Wealth Real Estate.

Nicola Wealth x Blackwood Partners

In addition to our in-house team of specialists, Nicola Wealth Real Estate is proud to have a strategic relationship with Blackwood Partners (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nicola Wealth).

The integration of Nicola Wealth and Blackwood adds value to our clients by creating a stronger unified platform.

Blackwood’s reputation, network and executional expertise provide Nicola Wealth and our investors with access to quality real estate investment opportunities.  Nicola Wealth provides Blackwood unique co-investment capability creating an alignment of interest with existing and prospective institutional clients.




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