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Stephanie Marshall


Senior Asset Manager

Stephanie Marshall

Stephanie is the Senior Asset Manager responsible for the Nicola Value Add LP. She oversees the firm’s portfolio of co-investment properties and manages the relationships with our development partners. She enjoys the challenges resulting from the complexity and unique nature of this portfolio.

Stephanie started her career in commercial real estate over 15 years ago as an investment analyst for a leading international brokerage firm in Vancouver. Following several years as a leasing and investment broker, Stephanie worked for a prominent retail apparel and real estate company, where she was responsible for managing the leasing for the company’s property portfolio. Her exposure to a multitude of asset classes and development projects in markets across North America allows her to bring a broad set of skills and strategic big-picture mentality to her role at Nicola Wealth Real Estate.

Outside of work, you can find Steph near the water, on her bike, hanging out with friends or hiking with her dogs.

Question & Answers

  • Favorite places travelled

    Top so far? Kibaale, Uganda. Most recent favourite? Sicily, Italy

  • Favorite place to see live music in Vancouver

    Vancouver Folk Festival

  • Favourite novel

    Through Black Spruce - Joseph Boyden

  • Best wine

    Generally, I love high altitude wines

  • Favourite music genre

    According to Spotify, it's Indie with a bit of hip hop and country?

  • Favourite Canadian City other than Vancouver


  • Words my father taught me

    Be yourself, everyone else is taken.